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    Arthur Labus

        Like the guitar FXs! Drums are nice and crunchy! Toms are heaaaavy!

        Lots of cool Guitar FXs! Makes the song more fun to listen to!

        Bass is cool in breakdown.....

        Interesting, different direction after Breakdown.... liking it a lot...

        Arthur Labus

          Thanks Toby !
          Yes, i've duplicated a lot but used just few.
          There are FOUR really different bass settings LOL.
          Used MIDI drums for very first serious time ... and changed some hits 🙂 20 sec. of China splash are too much LOL
          Wait, there is no china in my kit ha, ha ...
          Only just a bit reverb extra on drums - thats all.
          And quick and dirty fake mastering.

          Arthur Labus

            My mix sounds terrible in my car LOL
            The vocals ...
            One, two days more ...

            Arthur Labus

              Well Toby - we are not winner 😀
              However - learned a lot again, used MIDI drums for first time.

              Next challenge please !

            Viewing 5 posts - 13 through 17 (of 17 total)
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