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    Blue (James Henley)

      Studio Name: Blue the Producer Ltd. (meant less to be arrogant and more like a rap name like Tyler the Creator or something).

      Photo links:
      Not so tidy:
      My ugly face:

      BIO: Hi, James Henley here, but please, call me Blue. Got my first guitar at 5 years old. Strummed the open strings and sang an improv song about train stations and hobos (both of which I knew nothing about. NOTHING. No idea how I could have done this. Wish my parents had caught this on video. Might have ruined the magic of it for me though.). I didn’t not become a musician at this time. Around 10 years old I learned a few songs on organ to play in church/school. I did not become a Christian at this time, though I believe in the Golden Rule :). At 13 I finally became a musician because I wanted to be cool like my friend Bobby Taylor in art class. He played guitar and had far less fingers than Jerry Garcia. Neither of us are related to the famous people sharing our surnames. Lol. Spent the next several years in my room trying to get tendonitis. At 17 I joined a garage band whose embarrassing name (that I came up with) shall remain unnamed. We recorded 4 original songs in someone’s home studio. We played live twice, the end. Next band wrote more songs, never got a drummer. Lol. I did finally get tendonitis. Played a few open mics, wrote some solo material. Then took a year off to let the welts on my wrists go down. A year later, and having sworn off bar chords and other big chords, I returned to guitar with a simpler style. 20 years later here I am. No, I was not abducted by aliens, but that sounds fun. I’m 45, still have tendonitis, but watching Andrew Huang on YouTube made me realize I could get a DAW and a midi-controller and go to town. So I did!

      My musical taste is vast. I see music as a way to understand all people and connect with them. I see music as a way to stay young. Doing creativity is very fulfilling. Doing 9-5 is very soul-killing. Going to make a career in music. Better late than never. Click HERE to download the other 5,000 pages of my bio. If the link doesn’t work, just talk to me some time!

      Joined PLAP on Black Friday 2019.


      Premium Ibanez Jem (Blue Floral Pattern)

      Ibanez Gio (2 humbuckers, so it’s almost a Les Paul shaped like a strat).

      Fender F-35 acoustic guitar

      Fender Squire acoustic guitar (I do not recommend this.)

      Line6 - Spider V30 amp my Dad got me for Christmas. Love this thing. So much better than the little amps I started with as a teenager. Kids are lucky to have this kind of amp to start with these days!

      BOSS - Katana Artist amp (variable watt, 5 for headphone use, 50w or 100w if you need to use sound as a weapon).

      Note: these two amps can connect directly to my computer, then be used with headphones. Great for keeping things quiet.

      Nektar Impact LX49+ midi controller keyboard


      Shure SM58 microphone

      Behringer UMC202HD audio interface.

      Kali LP6 powered studio monitors (speakers)

      Kali 12” Subwoofer

      Audient Nero monitor controller

      Sony MDR-7506 Professional headphones

      Audio Technica ATH-M20x headphones

      Desktop Windows PC: “homemade”

      Asus 470 UltraGaming motherboard

      Sonarworks reference 4 mic (and software)


      -Bitwig Studio (most similar to Ableton 10 Live, but with a Modular Synthesis built in, called The                  Grid, can also interface with analog modular racks).

      -Waveform Pro (v11)



      Leapwing Audio: DynOne3

      Kazrog: True Iron Plugin, Synth Warmer

      iZotope: Neutron 3, Ozone 9, Nectar.

      AIXDSP: Multiband Gate

      BabyAudio: Parallel Agressor

      Oeksound: Soothe2

      WAVES: Abbey Road Saturator, Abbey Road Studio 3, Berzerk Distortion, InPhase, J37 Tape, MDMX Distortion, MultiMod Rack, MV2, OVox Vocal Resynthesis, R-Bass, R-Comp, R-Vox, Scheps Omni Channel, Vocal Rider, Vocal bundle (De-breath, Double, Waves Tune, R-Axx, R-Channel, R-DeEsser), Waves Tune LT, Waves Tune Real-Time, Z-Noise. NS1, Vitamin, Shep’s Parallel Particles, Studio Rack.

      Native Instruments: Komplete Kontrol - Virtual Instruments (free), Raum (free reverb), Supercharger (free), Guitar Rig5 (free)

      Spitfire Audio: Spitfire LABS - Virtual Instruments (free)

      Bitsonic (free):

      Other free plugins: Voxengo SPAN (spectrum analyzer), Ozone Imager3 (stereo width), Limter6, 7Q, Klanghelm IVGI2 saturator, Klanghelm MJUCjr compressor, Pulsar Smasher compression, SGA1556 EQ/gain tool. Softube Saturation Knob, Youlean Loudness Meter2, TBRProAudio: DynaRide, GainRyder2 (both similar to Vocal Rider), mvMeter2. Helm Synthesiser. Brainworx Solo.


      -SPACE!!! Working in my wife and I’s bedroom. Very cramped. A shed-studio would be awesome. (Have dibs on a room in the house when we get it cleaned out. Daughter moved out.)

      -If I had said space, I would like a drum kit, mics a plenty and an interface to run them into.

      -A bass guitar would be nice.

      -The head tracker to go with my Abbey Road Studio 3.

      -A clip-on guitar tuner, lol.

      -SSL 9000j plugin.

      -Slate Virtual Mic Rack

      -A laptop for work on the go.

      -More RAM in my PC.

      -Zoom H6 Handy Recorder type of item (portable digital record for getting Found Sounds or recording ideas on something better than a phone app).

      I’m sure I’ll see something else I want as soon as I turn around. More than anything, I wish for time and experience, fun and connection.Anything special about my studio? It’s just a baby and hasn’t lived long enough to have many memories yet. I got it started in September of 2019.

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