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    Bill Strongin

      Studio 1
      Studio 2

      This is the former cat room. When my wife and I began trying for kids, knowing the sort of Shakespearean tragedies that can follow if a teenager has access to a balcony, we decided to turn the old home office into a nursery. So the office was moved to this room, the cats were evicted (not entirely!), and I got to start building the home studio I always wanted.

      The bottom photo is my friend and bandmate's studio. He's got two rooms and a whole mess of microphones and other equipment. He's been at this longer than I have, but I got him off the Tascam and into a DAW, so sometimes I tutor him on that. Often we record there, and I mix at home.

      Location: Redlands and Anaheim, CA

      Bio: I'm a classically trained pianist with a Masters degree in music. In addition to teaching, I worked in theater for years as a music director and occasional actor. I've also spent the last seven years or so playing with a Celtic folk band. I'd have loved to be producing music this whole time, but it's only within the last few years that I've become aware of the quality and accessibility of home recording. I always thought it was out of reach, so, here's to a second life!

      DAW: Pro Tools

      Genres: Rock, Folk, Jazz

      Plugins: I resisted buying plugins for a long time. Once I opened those floodgates, however, it became clear I have a mild addiction. I have a variety of Waves, iZotope, etc., but FabFilter is probably my most frequently used (Mastering Bundle, Saturn).

      Gear: Laptop, Focusrite Scarlett 18i8, 2 JBL 8-inch monitors, Presonus Faderport 8, Beyerdynamic 770 Pro headphones, a coffee maker, and a beer fridge.

      Instruments: Roland Juno-DS, EastWest Composer Cloud, Fender & Hofner basses, several guitars, mandolin, Roland V-Drums, and a Mangla Prasad sitar

      Equipment I have my eyes on: I'm kinda done spending money for now. But eventually, a real studio desk, some acoustic treatment, a Rickenbacker bass, and a local sitar instructor. Of course, that list is subject to change and grow, as I do.

      My personal Facebook:
      Instagram: @sir_william_of_bourbon

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      • This topic was modified 4 years ago by Bill Strongin.
      • This topic was modified 4 years ago by Bill Strongin.
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