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    jean-emmanuel sultana

      Hi guys, I am looking for some advice. I just moved a couple of month ago and i am not confident with my room yet. I have a pair of JBL 6328P, a Pair of Yamaha HS80m, and a pair of iloud from Ik multimedia.

      Do you think investing in a pair of Avantone Mixcubes will help my workflow and complement the speakers i've got already?

      And do those little cubes really help you with the focus in the medium as much as their legend says they will?
      I can't listen to them before buying, so if anyone can give me their opinion it would be helpful.

      James Gorman

        You've got a fair selection already. Have you looked at ? It has a mixcube setting on that you could demo to see what the sound is like (give or take anyway!).


          The Avantone actually is a professional, crappy speaker. I have just one of them. You won't use these monitors as your main speakers. You use them to get an idea of how your mix will translate through a crappy speaker. I bought my Avantone in December 2017, the period that I think most of us are getting sick and tired of the X-mas Jingle bells kind of music. I walked in a shopping street in London. Over the entire length of the street hung a speaker every 80 feet. I suddenly realized "Oh, now I see the purpose of the Avantone speakers!" That is the reason I bought one, just one! Because Avantones in a stereo setup does not make any sense if you ask me.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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