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      no EQ challenge

      you may use the high pass of your choice ....that is all. every other plugin may be at your disposal

      the song- Jonah Smith - "Sunset"


      here is where the idea for this came about if you would like to see


      when you have your mix done post in this thread and tell us any take away or tricks to how you achieved your mix ...or even if you get stuck...like i will be



        this is where i am at the moment.



          i guess i will talk about some of the  things  i used  to bypass eq.

          i used steven slate mic models just inserting on the track and change a source tone.

          i ran stuff thru ampitube and switched the mics on the cabs and moved them around.

          i used brainworks console models that have a virtual gain....its really just hiss but with the gate can almost act like a high shelf...almost like a fast attack when it opens on the kick and snare.

          again fader rides ...which i need to spend some more time on.

          Chris Ibbetson

            Hey Kip!

            Can we use low cut high cut filters?

            Mmm perhaps not. High pass only it looks like.

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              correct high pass only....but its the high pass of your choice, so that opens some tricks for you if you know your way around the que nudge nudge wink wink...

              Arthur Labus

                Happy to be here ! Thanks Kip for the challenge !
                Glad to finally found that track and very happy with bonus tracks by @michael-garding-2 and @peter-samuelsson. What a marvelous addition !

                Here we go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1evkucIiIFANuGI0uMfMn1OQ96zo3TT3i/view?usp=sharing

                Drums: i did the sound shaping with Black Rooster Audio VLA-FET compressor on every instrument group. In addition: Gate on kick and snare, Waves TransX on snare (smoothing transients). On HiHat there is only Variety Of Sound Thrillseeker VBL for more grit and less harshness. On shaker Klevgrand DAW Cassette to get that smooth lo fi effect. On drum Bus again Thrillseeker VBL as light distortion and compression and at least De-esser. Muted some OH and room tracks.

                BASS: Blend of both tracks. DI with PA Ampeg SVTVR. On Bus Hi pass 80 Hz (Black Rooster Audio VHL-3C) and VLA-FET compressor

                GUITARS: bus with GMonoBass (150 Hz), de-esser
                Lead:  reamped with Black Rooster Audio Cypress TT-15 (clean) and send to Fuse Audio Labs Bucket-500 delay
                Rhythm: added Kjaerhus Classic Chorus and hi-pass 80Hz, send to Fuse Audio Labs Bucket-500 delay

                SAX: just used blend of two original tracks, on bus only de-esser

                PIANO: used only the stereo track, with GMonoBass (150 Hz), hi-pass 80Hz and Acustica Cream PRE modul with Tube 2 setting (which makes everything brighter)

                Lead Vocal: Blend of dry and reverb tracks, VLA-FET comp on dry vocal, de-esser
                Backings: VLA-FET comp and de-esser

                All Busses using Izotope Neutrino and Waves NLS in Neve setting.
                Everything except bass bus is send to Acustica Silver Reverb / small theatre setting
                Vocals are triggering ducking EQ (oh crap) Trackspacer 2.5 on all instrument (16% amout of FX)

                Acustica Cream PRE modul with Tube 2 setting
                Variety Of Sound Density mkIII as non-linear amp, tube color on max (depth and darker vibe - counterpart to Cream PRE)
                Variety Of Sound FerritTDSmkII for extra saturation
                Toneboosters TB_REELBus_v3 tape simulation (clean)
                Prime Studio CharlyLimited gain
                Toneboosters Barricade_v3 limiter
                Ypoulean Loudness Meter 2

                Michael Garding

                  Nice job Arthur!! Thanks for the breakdown of each istrumentyou treated.


                    Arthur nicely done,  i love those choices and your results... i was to afraid to try sax tracks .

                    the bass guitar is so rich

                    i love seeing those variety of sound plugins in there.

                    i definitely think the high mids and high end of your mix is is in a much better place then i was able to get.

                    great work man

                    Arthur Labus

                      Thanks a lot boys !
                      I just can't enough point the quality of the recording tracks, even the bonus tracks !

                      Paul Motion

                        Dang it.. missed this one! Although I just finish a mix of this a few weeks ago so probably wouldn’t be able to be objective 🙁

                        Will be in on the May challenge for sure though…

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