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      There is this song idea that we love.... (it´s in german).
      But it doesn´t get even close to the idea in our heads.

      At the moment it sounds like a "Schlager" but it it should be a rock song.
      You know "Schlager"? Something like that:

      Any ideas how to bring this song forward?

      Attached: The raw idea; quickly recorded; no bass.

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      Tim Morris

        HI...this is cool..I get what you mean, its sounds like a Eurovison entry !

        Its pretty lightweight at the moment, can you post how you actually recorded the instruments, the guitars sound like they were mic'd but could be the reverb.

        So...personally I would sort out the acoustic guitars, make them more up front, maybe even do them again myself.

        The electric guitars need some real meat...I would re-amp or record them again.

        There is a lot of scope for this, I might have ago later....

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          yeah @spark240 . That´s what I mean!

          The electric guitars sound very weak but are mic´d up. The will absolutely get recorded again.
          All the instruments by the way (and the vocals...)..

          The song is based around the acoustic guitar riff. So yeah the acoustic should be up front.
          The acoustic ist double tracked and panned hard left and right.

          Maybe some additional stuff?

          I will upload the multitrack later.


            Maybe a bit unrealistic but maybe in the style of "Sirens" by Pearl Jam.

            There´s so much energy without heavy guitars...

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            Tim Morris

              Ok so this is a couple of examples of track I did with acoustic guitars as the main part..



              As for the Pearl Jam track....nothing is unrealistic !...theres enough people on here to make you track whatever you want it to be 😉


                Great man! Sounds fantastic. I really like "only acoustic master"!!
                Modern, pop, maybe a bit more rock for me...

                Tim Morris

                  Yeah, I just thought the acoustics show a more up front sound...

                  Arthur Labus

                    Hi Valentin,
                    it is a draft at that stage. As Spark already said - if you have a bit more, you should mix it "better" 🙂
                    If you are seeking for german references, i don't mind Andrea Berg, i would recommend some stuff from Thomas Godoj.
                    Finest german rock, without any kraut 😉


                      I will use your suggestions, do some recording and mixing and come back later.
                      Finding the right reference track maybe is the key.

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