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    Mark Holden


      Wrote this in a draft form and thrown a few ideas at it if any one wants to have a go at helping become a track let me know.

      Everything is a scratch track really just to get the idea down. I'm no songwritter but put some place holder Vox down. I've played the Guitars and Programmed a midi Bass and Sax. Used a drum loop for a click really. Added some mood samples for feel.

      If it grabs anyones interest would be good to fill it out a touch and some real drums and bass etc and of course a better vocal 🙂


      Mark H

      Robert Hilliard

        Il l give it a try if your still looking for people to work on this.

        Any stems?

        Mark Holden

          Hello Robert

          Sorry about the late reply I've not been able to get on. If you can bare with me as soon as I can pull things back to together and I can put them up no problem.  Things will be moving slowly here for a while to come yet.



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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