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    Kristjan Arčon

      I'm looking to upgrade a mic collection with one of these mics (i plan to use it on multiple sources). What do you recommend?

      Magnus Johansson

        check out all the hyped mics, and choose something better at
        Was going to buy a stereopair of the middle one.. c314. Not after visiting audiotestkitchen. Personally, tempted on a Mojave. For a Akg C-x14 replacement, i would go Lewitt Flex if you want multiple polar patterns, Pure if you settle with just cardiod.

        Matt Graham

          I agree with Magnus, check out the Lewitt stuff and AUDIO TEST KITCHEN is really cool!

          Dave Le Sange

            Hey Kristjan,

            Sonically, the C414-XLS is closest to the old BULS models that people like so much.

            If you're not specifically after the 414 sound, just the polar pattern flexibility, I'd also recommend looking at the Lewitt mics. Did you know Plap Academy members get exclusive discounts with Lewitt?

            Have a goodun

            Javier Alejandro Llamas

              Hi, I have 1 C414B-XLII (which basically is the same as the new one only 3db more sensitive) and a modern C414-XLS. I like both, but the XLS would be the workhorse of my choice. I use it for everything. My favorite along with the Shure KSM44. I don't find much difference between the XLII and the XLS, so I don't really know why there's a 100 bucks bump in the price tag. Just a few weeks ago i've used both in the following recording:


              XLS for the acoustic guitars and the voices with the XLII with the foam on, which in my opinion suits fine for that particular voice.

              I didn't try the C214 but i heard there's a lot of difference with the other two, and that's what i heard on some youtube reviews. It's just another thing (and i think that one in particular is electret, not true condenser)

              My suggestion would be the XLS

              Grant MacPhee

                I have used the C-414-XLII and C414-XLS interchangeably in the studio in the past. I don't see a huge difference in them sonically. They are a workhorse mic for me, I've used them on a ton of instruments and different setups. Like the changeable polar patterns and its all around a great mic to have in the locker. I like them a lot on acoustic instruments, stringed instruments, sometimes vocals. I used them a lot in mid side setups  and blumlein setups for choirs and large bands in the past.

                Ben Tyreman

                  the XLII is a brighter, I prefer the XLS, it sounds a bit more neutral, the XLS B-ULS sounds noticeably better than the modern ones.

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