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    Adrian Parzentny

      Adrian "Ady" Parzentny - Hit The Road Music Studio

      It's a mobile recording studio, most of the time we are in Morocco, Poland and around Europe

      • Photos of your Studio

      Morocco with Zegro Band


      Interview with Daraa Tribes

      Classical Music recording wth HTRMS

      Together with Cheap Flights for Drum session

      Peace love and music

      • Your Bio

      Since 2019 we live in a Camper and have a full music studio with us incl. cameras to travel the world and record interesting artists in interesting places.

      The idea behind is to show the beauty in diversity of cultures and our way to bring this message is through the universal language of music .. and I just love to record & mix music as it combines my passion of electronics, technical knowledge and creativity

      That's why we record artists in every kind of genre: From Classic, to Balkan, Arabic, Cumbia, Rock, Punk, Singer/Songwriter, Sahara Blues ... it just have to be honest & full heart music !

      So the main focus is World Music for the Project and World Music/Rock/Punk/Metal for commercial records due to my past as musician (20 years now rockin')
      Most of the artists do not have the chance to get a good quality audio in their country so their wonderful music get's unheard.

      We offer recordings as part of our project against exchange (Food, accommodation etc.)
      as well as commercial recordings for a normal payment (Remote mixing jobs, full single or album productions for local Bands that are known)

      • DAW of choice:

      Reaper, Harrison Mixbus, ProTools

      • Genres you primarily work with

      World Music (Arabic, Cumbia, Balkan), Punk Rock, Pop Rock, Blues, Reggae, Jazz, Metal, Rock'n'Roll

      • Favorite Plugins

      SoundToys Library Top 3: Decapitator, EchoBoy, Devil Loc
      Izotope Music Production Suite
      Plugin Alliance N-Console, Lindell 80 & Shadow Hills Mastering Comp
      Waves Abbey Road, Top 3: AR Plates, AR Mastering Chain, AR J37 tape
      Trash 2
      Puig Tec EQ
      SSL Comp, SSL-E & G-Channel

      • Gear List (doesn't have to be 100% complete!)

      2 Interfaces:

      Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
      PreSonus AudioBox VSL 1818

      MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)

      Beyerdynamic DT990

      Guitar Stuff:

      60's Marshall "Eastern Europe version" with 8 (!!!) Tubes
      60's Fender Cabinet with (now vintage) Greenback Celestion 4 x 12" speaker (yes, original)

      Dimebag WahWah
      Marshall Gov'nr (80's)
      MXR Distortion
      Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork
      Way Huge "Fat Sandwich"


      SeElectronics ZE5600 (Tube Mic) and X1
      SM57 (lot of)
      AKG D112
      Rode NT-5 x2
      Sennheiser 609 & 419
      Audio Technica 2050
      MXL R144 (Ribbon)

      • What Equipment do you have your eyes on currently (full list)

      haha good timing - I'm currently guest in Morocco's biggest Studio (Studio Hiba) so I'm looking at:

      SSL C200 HD console
      5 Tube tech Comp's
      UA 1176 & 610-mk2
      chandler limited emi TG12345
      16 x Neve 1081 remote controllable pre's
      Radial Re-Amp box
      Avalon AD2055
      Avalon AD2077
      Bricasti design system 1
      JBL studio monitors + M2 hand Crown IT4x3500HD
      JBL ASB7118 single high-power 18 "subs + Crown IT9000HD
      Just sweet !

      • Facebook & Instagram Links


      • Any other cool things about your studio we should know? Is it in an old church? Does your gear have history? Anyone notable recorded there?

      True story that hopefully motivate people to realise their own dreams 🙂

      In 2018 I had the idea to combine my passion for travel with my passion for music - the busking times are over and I wanted to learn about new styles.
      I found my new passion for recording and mixing + had the idea to live in a camper, travel and record Bands.

      So I took one month off from my regular Job in IT Security, packed 8 mic's and my presonus Interface and traveled 12.000 Km's in one month in a small car from Poland to Morocco and back.

      The result was fantastic - I basically run with a backpack full of mic's and mix stands through the Moroccan city "Essaouira" and asked people if they want a record - And it worked 😀

      We recorded a famous Band from Israel called "Andalucious" - my first real recording Job - the big stars of the Andalusian Festival 2018

      I had 45 min. and only one take and 0 experience with this music and Instruments while my girlfriend operated 3 cameras at the same time

      Back in Poland I started to mix and listened this track almost 600 times and learned a ton of mixing techniques and approaches.

      At the end everything went fine and the video reached out to 180.000 viewers with a peaceful message - I still can't be believe it 😀

      The message is: Never limit yourself equipment wise - it will take extra effort, but it's worth it !

      And be crazy enough to try everything 🙂

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        Awesome, Great Story

        Adrian Parzentny

          Thank you Donnie !!! Appreciate your time man ! 🙂

          Paul Motion

            This is amazing Adrian.. very very cool! I hope in the current climate you're able to keep going with this awesome adventure!

            Adrian Parzentny

              Hey Paul,

              Thanks as always for your kind words 🙂

              Currently all ways back to Europe are closed and many musicians here are more than happy about this haha got a lot of requests and will produce now and the past months several singles, videos and even albums with every soulful singer, pretty excited about the current projects and the time that's ahead !

              Stay safe and once again, thank you !

              Sunny greetings from the beach,


              Paul Motion

                That’s amazing Adrian. So glad that someone’s able to make the best of the situation! 🙂

                Stay well from sunny, but less beachy, Melbourne. ??


                Adrian Parzentny

                  🙂 that's the only way for me, positively move on

                  I think many negative situations have their positive sides and I always make a step back and chill.

                  Remember the book "Hitchikers Guide through the Galaxy" ?

                  The first rule is: Don't panic 😀
                  The second is: Always have a towel with you - did both - works fine at the Ocean haha

                  greetings to Melbourne my friend, can't wait for your next mixes !


                  Trevor Nokes

                    Absolutely Fantastic Journey. Be Safe where ever you are at the moment.

                    Adrian Parzentny

                      Thanks Trevor, you rock man ! Really supportive comment 🙂
                      Haha we are safe at the camping place with electricity so I can work on a loooot of waiting projects 😉
                      Also we can't leave the city Sidi Ifni, but it's wonderful, so we do the best out of this situation !

                      Cheers Mate !

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