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      Hi all.
      Great to be on the forum with you.

      Hi Warren -
      Like many (most?) of us, I am mixing 100% ITB currently.

      However, I note that most of your interviewee's still choose to use some outboard gear for their mixes.

      For those of us looking to take a step up, how should we think about adding outboard gear? For example, do you think it's more valuable to have a few well-chosen mic pre's to choose from during tracking (front end), or instead to have an analogue summing mixer or analogue buss compressor/channel strip (back end) to run the final mix through?

      Or, is a better question should we add any outboard gear at all (like Ken Sluiter and others)?

      Thanks for everything you are doing with PLAP and PLAPA.

      Greetings from Canberra, Australia.

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