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    James Gorman

      During the recent feedback video with Reid Shippen, both Reid and Warren mention the acoustics. Here's a quick how-to on what I did.

      There's lots of very little going on here. They were already pretty good so it was mostly a matter of teasing them into place.

      There were a lot of acoustic tracks, and all of them wanted (for a pop-ish mix) a little tidy up EQing to tame some resonances. This was a mix of static and dynamic EQs on the individual tracks.

      All the tracks then went to a bx_console Focusrite. LR pairs went into dual mono instances, everything else into mono instances. Most of them had no EQ, or just a touch to fit them in or add a bit of sparkle. The lead acoustic had a bit more aggressive EQ. Most of them then hit the onboard compressor for something in the 2-12dB range at 3:1, so fairly aggressive.

      The main acoustic pairs then went into PA's Acme Opticom doing 1-2dB reduction them in dual mono. This is a favourite for acoustics (and backing vocals) and adds a nice sparkle and width. Both pairs went in, which added a nice thickness without too much extra volume. These then went into bx_shredspread to add some more width.

      All the acoustics and mandolins went to and acoustic buss. This has some more EQ to fit things in then Kush AR-1 to tuck the acoustics and mandolins in together.

      The guitar buss has all the guitars and synths running into the old SHMC in dual mono (again just a dB or two of reduction) and some MS EQ for just a little bit more width and to carve out some space for the vocals.

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