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      Appreciate the invite for input. It makes the academy even more special that this is the thinking of its founder. I have a running joke as a pastor when I don't understand something... "People say all the time, 'it's all Greek to me!'... well, I understand Greek, I have no idea how this works!" I have said that often in my journey trying to learn audio. It really seems there is a ton of great info out there - some of the best at PLAP! But just once I would love to see a holistic presentation of a somewhat typical production project from start to finish. It could be a series of videos. Maybe there could be a local artist, smaller group, simple rock, minimum on arrangement, etc. You could do some tracking, a few overdubs, some comping, mixing, etc. It could of course be detailed e.g. mic placement, phase relationships, etc. But I was thinking the other Youtube videos and academy clips could fill in those blanks. Would love to watch 6 or 8 videos and see a project from A to Z... 'A' being band comes into studio... 'Z' means a mixed track ready to send to mastering. Sort of like a cooking show or home improvement show on TV... not minute details, but a good scope of a whole project. Hope this is in line with the video's goal today. If not, happy to remove it.


        Great idea! I would be interested in this as well. I would like to make it as ‘real world’ for most Academy members though. Recording & mixing on a shoestring budget.
        1. So no seasoned session musicians who get it right on the first or second take. How do you guide hobbyists and local bands who get anxious when the red recording light goes on?
        2. No studios or nicely filled lunchboxes. How do record on a laptop, a portable audio-interface and an inexpensive microphone?
        3. Make a “Fiverr” supergroup! Can you get the overdub tracks you need for $5 each? How do you treat those tracks in the mix and get them gel with your own recordings?

        Just some ideas here.


        Steve A

          Yep, this is a good one for sure. I would definitely be interested in something like this as well...
          Just a compilation of video takes where the camera is in the control room pointed into the live room while tracking is taking place, for one.
          Discussions of arrangements while the song is still being crafted, the brainstorming that's involved with that aspect.
          The decision process of whether to include or not include certain things into the recording.
          Discussion of what could 'make or break' a song.
          I could go on and on, great idea!

          Anders Isberg

            A very good idea. It could also include interviews with the artists to get their view on the recording process. What they think is important to get the best results and what they look for in a producer/engineer.

            wayne bishop

              My thumbs up to this idea also


                I agree, this would be a great learning experience. Breaking the videos down to sub categories from start to finish. Warts 'n' all in a 'real world' situation.


                  Thumbs up from me too!

                  Cris Sabater Sabater

                    Yes I think this would be a good one. So many people here in the Academy will learn from this so I think it should be one we focus on.




                      This is a big thumbs up for me too. I also put a post on this forum asking for this, I think it would be an amazing experience. I'm definitely interested in A - Z in as much detail as possible that's for sure.



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