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      Hey everybody!

      I just bought a 60's Telefunken TD 300 (Dynamic microphone mainly used for radio). The thing is it has a 5 pin din 180 degrees connector and I have no clue how to get it connected to a XLR-input. I have done some research but with no luck. If anybody has any experience with this please help me! I really want to try it out!

      Take care!


      Jeff Macdonald

          That's great! Thank you so much Jeff!

          Patrick Schindler

            According to the schematics I have seen, DIN pin 2 (the middle one) is the shield (Masse), so should be connected to XLR pin 1. DIN pins 1 and 4 are for record (Aufnahme), while pins 3 and 5 are for playback (Wiedergabe). Assuming this is wired up for a symmetrical connection, I would connect DIN pin 1 to XLR pin 2 and Din pin 4 to XLR pin 3.

            The linked picture is in German, since I did not find anything decent in English before I gave up looking.


            Stecker = Plug (male)
            Buchse = Socket (female)
            Draufsicht = Top view


              This is great, thanks a lot Patrick!

              Have a great day!

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