Arthur Labus

    Here we go again ...

    Decided to use the Plugin Alliance Lindell plugins: 6X-500 preamp/filter, PEX-500 pultec style EQ and 7X-500 FET compressor on every instrument group (yes, i was lazy).
    For vocals i used Toneboosters Sibilance v3 de-esser and on main vocal Relab LX480 reverb (960 vocal plate) exclusively.
    On master bus:
    TDR VoS SlickEQ twice 😀
    PA Lindel 6X-500 with hi/low pass
    TDR Kotelnikov compressor
    Toneboosters Sibilance v3 de-esser
    Toneboosters Barricade v3 limiter

    It works for me, that sound is ok - lush and dreamy kind, straight from the 80's sort of. Not exactly my cup of green tea but great experience as always.
    Limiting on few plugins give me one of kind focus and its really quick work then.
    I only wish there would be not so many tracks. I would rather go with significant less tracks next times.

    Have fun, thanks for a ride !