Paul Motion

    Ok, here we go with the state of play...

    Started yesterday. My plan was to use the Kit BBN EQ and CLA76 for most things but then I remembered I had just got the Focusrite channel from Plugin Alliance so wanted to try that out and got it across everything instead.

    This morning realised that that wasn't really in the spirit of the challenge and it significantly limited my other options. So started again this afternoon and went back my original plan.

    Current plugins:
    Kit BB N105 EQ
    Waves CLA76 Comp
    Soundtoys Decapitator
    Valhalla Vintage Verb
    Townhouse bus comp for the master bus + an L2

    The story so far, minimal work on any of the vocals. No automation on anything.
    There's a lot going on in this track so my main focus is a good balance and instrument placement then take it from there... surprise surprise..


    Anyone know the tempo of the track by the way?