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Barry Caudill

    I've been a Reaper user for years. Can't say I've necessarily received any bad feelings about it - here or other online sources. Like Paul I also have and use Reason as a secondary DAW. Oddly, I switched to Reaper because I didn't know enough about the SSL emulation in Reason and now that I have a ton more experience I think I could just as easily work in there these days. Anymore, Mac vs. Windows is all about what you're comfortable with (just like DAW choice). I use Reaper on Mac (I have both an iMac and a MacBook Pro - neither are M1 though). I had switched to Mac many years ago when PC was still struggling with the music stuff but I think it's safe to say the PC is completely caught up now. One of the beauties of a Windows PC (which I also have for gaming) is that you can build your own machine and probably save quite a bit of money if that's your thing. I enjoy building PCs and I've thought about making a dedicated music PC as a comparison but as I am "between jobs" at the moment that will likely need to wait as it falls into the "frivolous spending" category. Paul, I don't think I've experienced the level of fan noise on my MBP that you're referring to. 🙂 I use it for mixing when I'm away from the house but I also use it for remote recording.