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Mark Warner

    Additional - Tachi a couple of points.
    1. The section you where describe and play the effect it is only coming out of the left channel so someone watching the video cannot hear the effect?

    2. Your description is missing the delay element which is a key part of Warren's process.

    The way I do it follows Warren's method so my settings are like this

    1 create 8 Tracks labelled like this L 10ms -3, R24ms +3, L 24ms +6, R 10ms -6.....
    2 On each track I add both ReaDelay and ReaPitch plugins (delay first in the chain)
    3 I add upto 8 sends on the vocal track panning each one alternately Left and Right to each of the thickening tracks
    4 In each of the 8 tracks I do one of the following
    10ms delay -3 cents Pitch
    24ms Dleay +6 cents Pitch
    10ms Dleay -9 cents Pitch
    24ms Delay +12 cents Pitch
    24ms delay +3 cents Pitch
    10ms delay -6 cents Pitch
    24ms delay +9 cents pitch
    10ms delay -12 cents Pitch
    It is vital not only to altenate the +/- pitch shift left and right but to also alternate the 10ms and 24ms delay left and right. Also the the delay must have no feedback (-120db?) and be 100% wet.

    This, I think you will find will give you a much closer Thickening effect to Warren's. I now have this in my Basic Mix Template to be used in any mix and I can either call in 1, 2, 3 or 4 pairs as the mix dictates. My setup also means I can individually control the amount of each element going into the mixand by having the 8 processes in a folder I can control all of the as well. I will post a screenshot of my version.

    Cheers - Mark

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