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Andrew Mckenzie

    Well I'm signed up for the Reason 9 beta until it goes into production and already I'm impressed with the new built in Audio to Midi and live bounce features.

    Just as an experiment, I loaded up some live drums (kick and snare) from the "Fake Reality" session and went about adding some samples to both to try out the! This is going to make it so damn easy compared to the past workflow. So I selected the live snare track and right clicked and selected "Bounce audio clip to midi" and boom, the midi came up as a new track below the live track and all I had to do then is drag a Kong over the synth it had already placed there and assign a sample to pad 1.....done! And if that wasn't cool enough...once the midi is checked and all the right samples are can right click on the midi track and select "Bounce in place" and it renders the audio as another track below the midi, then all that's left is to line up the phase of both the bounced audio and the live snare.

    Next I think I'll try out the melodyne style pitch editor....exciting stuff 🙂