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Guido tum Suden

    Hi Matt,

    Using too much bass and treble is something I find myself often doing.
    I easily use too much bass because my speakers do not sound bad with it.
    I easily use too much treble because I can't hear anything above 12 kHz, 10k is not very good and 8k could be better.

    So I use meters to see what I do and for the highs not only on the mix (you can easily see if your cymbals or the dreaded tambourine is too loud, even when you can't hear it). I also doesn't hurt to cut off some highs most of the time.
    As for the bass, it helped me when I realized, that bass is actually around 100 Hz and even 200 Hz and that 30 Hz, 50 Hz etc. is more of a sub-bass, so you could get away with a song where everything below 100 Hz is cut (a lot of speakers don't go below that) but if you wanted to make out real notes you won't probably get away with a bass that is completely below 100 Hz.
    Maybe try to see everything below 100 Hz as effects, mostly things you rather feel than hear.
    And another thing to consider: How many people do you know, that have a sub-woofer in their stereo which is completely turned up? So when you visit all you hear is bass, so loud that sometimes you can't even make out the song that is played? Now imagine you mix and give them a song with a lot of bass information below 100 Hz… 🙂