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Erik Duijs

    There is no audible difference between 44.1K or anything above.

    However there are some caveats here why you'd still want to mix/master at higher sampling rates. Whenever you apply non-linear processing like compression/limiting and especially saturation/distortion (in digital plugins), you can introduce aliasing that can potentially sound quite horrible. Mixing at a higher sampling rate can clean things up in that regard.

    Personally I just mix at 44.1K or 48K, because I don't tend to go overboard with saturation plugins et al to a degree that the sampling rate becomes an audible problem (to my ears anyway). Most such plugins have oversampling options anyway, so you might want to engage those.

    If you've got plenty of CPU power to spare, then sure go to 96K or perhaps even higher, but in general I think it doesn't make an important difference.