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Raoul Schuhmacher

    Hi Yash, I think it would make a difference in theory, however, I don't think I would be able to hear the difference. In mixing practice it would seem to me dependent on a) the source material - if material was recorded at a lower sampling rate, then up-sampling beyond 48 kHz would not seem to make sense, b) the artist intent - unless there is a specific requirement for hi-res it seems there is no practical benefit, since it also seems that the ability to monetize hi-res audio is going away with Apple and others offering hi-res as part of their standard subscriptions. Mixing at higher sampling rate would also have an impact on processing speed and data storage, the former probably being more of a concern than the latter.  I personally mix at 48 kHz unless a studio or client would specifically ask for more. Happy mixing! Cheers, Raoul