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Robert Gray

    The mobile Studio in all its glory!!Name - Rob Gray
    • Photos of your Studio
    • Studio Based: mobile!! but in my loft room in South East London/Bromley
    • Started out back in 90s with Drum and Bass with EP (The Awakening EP checkl out on YOutube) but now after kids etc i am concentrating on their music which is vintage 70s rock with a modern flavour. studio gear has been compiled over the years but now im more in to mixing and recording live bands with as little outboard as possible!!
    • DAW of choice has to be Ableton. not people first choice for Rock but as i am very experienced in using it i have stuck with it and it works kinda well!
    •Rock, grunge, punk, House, electronic
    • Able stock EQ8, reverb etc. do not have many 3rd party plugins
    • 3 x Behringer (yes behringer) ADA8200, Focurite 18i20 gen 1, RME digiface USB, DEll E6440 laptop i5, Ableton Live 10, RME ARC, Behringer Powerplay headphone amplifier. Yamaha HS50M, KRK KNS8400, Shure SM58 x2, AKG Seesion one Drum mics.
    • I have what i need for now and am content with that. too much gear can cloud the mind!
    • no facebook links for myself but the band im working with please like and follow !! Kingfisher
    • as the studio is small box room all the recording is done where the bands rehearse Current fav place is Rockbottom Music shop in Croydon  (Carl Neilsen). All i take is the Laptop, RME digiface, 2xADA8200 audio interfaces, headphone amplifier (all in a 4U 19" carrycase rack unit), KRK KNS8400, SM58, Drum Mics and that is it!!