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    Hi. Thanks again for this. I have actually disabled the 'sleep' option on all of my USB devices. I also tried John's suggestion, but it is still happening. The annoying thing is, it might happen after 2 minutes, or it could work for 3 hours, but at some point, I always lose the MIDI (over Ethernet) connection.

    That does point to some conflict, at some point cutting in and interrupting or closing the Ethernet connection.

    I've disabled wireless; I've enabled it. I have even removed the Wi-Fi card. I've replaced my network card with another Intel dual port card. Then I've disabled the motherboard Ethernet.

    It just occurred to me that maybe there is something relevant in the BIOS? I guess I should look!

    Thanks again for taking the time to think about this VERY debilitating (creatively-wise!) problem.

    Regards, Mick.