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Nathan Kaye

    Great topic!
    Most of the clients I've garnered, thus far, have been directly from touring as an artist myself and then bands and songwriters approaching me to help them, usually as a mentor, or to record their next EP, etc. So it's been more of a mobile studio arrangement, then I take the stems home and produce the tracks more and mix them, etc, based upon being a touring musician, which slots in well with my tours... The only production I did that didn't fall into this category was for the late Andy Fraser (he was the principal songwriter and bass player for the huge 1970's band Free). I produced, played and co-wrote on some of his songs for his last solo album through a mutual connection.

    But having said all that, after so many years of touring, I want to do less of the touring (not completely stop doing it because I love playing live & going to exotic places, but slow it down somewhat), because it's getting more exhausting, and augment it with producing more upcoming artists.

    This puts me in new territory with picking up new clients through other means, so I'm all ears to other methods of procuring production/mixing work.

    I have one frustration that has reoccurred in the last year or so. There are 3 other producers I know (actually great friends with them - terrific guys) who keep getting my potential clients because we are in the same circles of connection, even though they actually know very little about mixing, frequencies, etc, themselves (these guys outsource their projects to a famous mixer). But that's because they have had a lot of previous clients and have created a nice momentum for themselves. I guess, I have to find a way to communicate the skills I have and the uniqueness of what I have to offer, but I loathe the concept of being 'competitive', especially with friends. you see my conundrum. Any suggestions?