Marcus Mittil

    Mange, thank you!
    I did automation in the volume of my 2bus,the loudest it gets is for the last chorus to give it the most punch in the song.
    I think verses stay at - 1.75 and other choruses at -0.85. The bridge drops to - 4 actually. Wanted to give some movement thoughout the song. Overheads and electric guitars are automated more out to the sides for choruses, same in all of them though. I think the electrics might be marginally louder in the last one though.

    I like those throw delays, but tried to keep it really subtle here. It's quite compressed and distorted and I cut some highs off too.

    Chris, thanks a lot for comments on kick eq, I will try it out! I kinda liked the vocal not too compressed, will have to give it some more thought and try if I like them more even 🙂