Chris Sweet

    Hey Marcus, I also noticed the last chorus seemed to open up at the end. Might even be that the guitars came up which made the mix sound more even.

    A couple things overall, I think your kick was a little loud and boomy which is where I think it's sounding muddy; cutting some low mids (300-400hz is my go to) would probably help. Guitars sounded ok, maybe a little thin but seemed to work fine in the mix. Compressing the vocal a bit more might help keep it in focus (or automating the volume). It kept trailing off a little. Kinda reminded me of the Pixies a little in its rawness which I dig, just a few balancing things would probably make it a little better. I'd try making some cuts between 300-400 hz on the drums (especially the kick) and I think you'll be surprised at how things tighten up and balance out.

    Nice job.

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