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Jon Burns

    Hi Christopher -

    Like you say, graphic eq is more for live stuff and being quite blatant
    about cutting to rid problems. It can cause nasty artifacts in a mix.

    Good parametric eq is not cheap as I've recently found out!
    Even 2nd hand it holds it's value. If you've already committed to 500-series
    then there's some cool options. I haven't yet as I know I'll spend a month
    getting distracted by 'my dream lunchbox'.
    So, I'm after a standalone parametric for tracking and mixing/printing
    - the best I could find in my price range is the Speck ASC, and even then
    I'm looking for a 2nd hand one. From what I hear it's not too coloured,
    which is good as by the time a coloured sound is replicated across 20 or
    so tracks, it can lose it's appeal. But then, I think that-not-happening
    is what you pay for on pro-level eq.

    I'd love to hear some more input on this as I'm very presently looking
    to buy an outboard eq.

    Cheers, Jon