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face (chris) Janton

    Did you use a measurement mic and get an adjustment for your listening position and the monitors?

    I have used Sonarworks for a few years, and got very good results when I compare mixes "pre Sonarworks" and "post Sonarworks". I used references for both my JBL LSR305s and my JBL One 104s. Clear improvement.

    I never used the tilt or boost - just 100% corrected sound to the monitors.

    I got new monitors - Kali IN-5 - they are better, un-corrected, than anything I got from my JBLs with or without Sonarworks. I have finally listened to un-adjusted monitors for long enough to try setting up room correction. IK/Multimedia ARC3 is where I am headed - I used ARC2 before Sonarworks. I think ARC3 provides a lot more models to work with.

    Home studio - small - bookcases, carpets, coved ceilings. The "problem corner" has some foam panels - at least one happy client for a mastering job done here, and "we like it here"