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    Ooooo.... I like the extra beats in the chorus - very, very nice! I love the choruses - they work so well, just excellent work. Lots of interesting stops and filters on the vox etc - really upbeat and great fun!

    The verses, I don't know, it might just be my TV not doing justice to all that lovely bass, but they seem to... muddy down, does that make sense? I find myself searching for all the fantastic tones, like they're just underneath the water's surface. It feels like that's sucking the Vocals down too - like the low mids of the vocals are blending with the mid lows of the instruments.

    It's certainly a track that needs to be played loud - I had to crank the volume quite high to bring out the details - but it gives it this fantastic dancefloor energy that I just love!

    The vocal is loud and rich and warm and excellent - love it!

    I have huge smile on my face! ...which is one of the best things, I think, anyone can say about a piece of music. Your mix made me feel really happy! If you can nail those verses, like you have the choruses - wow! You'll have one hell of a mix on your hands! Great work!