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Michel Villemaire

    Hey Paul,

    It depends what your goals are. If you are basically looking for virtual drums and grooves that you can still tweak and customize for relatively easy song creation, go for a dedicated drums plugin. The popular choices are Addictive Drums 2 from xlnaudio and EZDrummer from Toontrack. There is an overview of both product on this page:

    With these products, you can buy starter kits and build from there (purchase additional drum kits and midi groove packs as needed). I own both of these products. I have not tried Modo from IK Multimedia. It is more expensive than the other two but comes standard with more drum kits and very high sound tweaking capabilities.

    Again, it depends what your goals are. Addictive Drums 2 is more tweakable than EZDrummer but you may not need that option.

    I STRONGLY RECOMMEND TRYING BEFORE BUYING ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS !!! Get a good feel for the products. And once your choice is made, be patient before buying. It is your hard earned money, after all. Usually, these product are on special a few times a year (black friday, christmas, start of summer, etc). You can check out their respective sites once in a while and you can also check out sites like KVRAudio and Plugin Boutique. Often (but not always, of course), when the products are on special on those hub sites, they are also on special on the products' official sites. Signing up for newsletters is also an option in order to keep yourself informed of deals and promotions.

    (I am not affiliated in any way with any of the recommended products or web sites)

    Hope this helps !