Song Details

    Studio: Converse Rubber Tracks Brooklyn - Studio A
    Recording Engineers : Aaron Bastinelli
    Mixing Engineers : Aaron Bastinelli
    Instruments :Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
    Genres : Rock, Indie Rock
    Key :E Major
    Tempo :147

    Regret the Hour is a young, all-original rock band from Nyack, NY, originally formed by brothers Nate and Ben McCarthy, who began writing songs together in grade school. Eventually joined by drummer Anders Fleming and bassist Jesse Yanko, the band broke into the NYC music scene early in their career, where they frequented venues like Arlene’s Grocery, and Kenny’s Castaways. Their sound has been described as “atmospheric post-punk…with chiming, churning melodies reminiscent of U2, and the brainy edginess of Radiohead.”