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David Emmins

    I updated to Big Sur 3 weeks ago after putting it off.  All is fine - just a pain as I had to do a complete fresh rebuild as something had become corrupted with the iLok Licence Manager on Catalina and was unable to update that or the Soundtoys plugs.  Apart from having to setup Logic to run in the same way (thankfully I had taken screenshots of various preference pages!) and the time it took to download all the software again it all went to plan. The systems and logic are stable (well as much it ever is!).  I only have an SSL2 interface used to control my monitors as I only mix and master and don't record and that is compatible with Big Sur since last year so no issues there either.

    However, this will be the last update to the OS I will do apart from incremental releases to Big Sur as I'm running on a 2015 MacBook Pro so it's being stretched to capacity by the time a mix is nearing completion anyway.  Keeping an eye on the M1 line and may go that route later this year depending on finances.