Bob Low

    Hello dearest PLAPers,

    Here is my submission for the metal mixing contest.  This was my first attempt at mixing metal since 1993, mixing my own band at the time Bloodstorm from ADAT to DAT master (https://bloodstorm1993.bandcamp.com/).  Since those glory days of extreme metal, things have changed immensely.   I can't say that I have listened to much of the latest stuff, (except for Gultalax and Infant Annihilator) but that now will change.  I have no hope of winning the contest so any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    As for the mix, I decided to get informed and did the Mixing Modern Metal with Jordan Valeroite course.  Snare and Kicks samples were from the course as well as some from the Kristian Kohle sample pack.  I went with the SSL in the box mentality using the Brainworx flavor.  I used the guitar DIs through the Omega Ampworks Granophyre for the heavy sounds and the Archetype Nolly for the chorus tones.  Lots of extra saturation with the Slate Hollywood and New York preamps in series. There was so much compression and limiting of every Instrument Aux  I ended up with nothing on the 2-Buss except for a Dangerous Bax eq clearing at 24Hz and 70K.  All buss compression, eq, and maximization was done in Ozone 9.




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