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Steve A

    Yea Jeff, I have nothing against any DAW that helps someone create the best music they can, so whatever works.

    For me personally, there are four main things that made me switch, two of them I already mentioned, one is that the number of useful tutorials done using PT, probably outweigh the competition by a very large percentage. That is the main reason I switched.
    Another is that once you get over the learning curve, it really does help the workflow speed up. (and god knows I need that..lolz..)
    Thirdly, so many pro studios use it, the transfer-ability is something that appealed to me as well.
    And lastly, it's the DAW that has manufacturers of multitudes of studio products just itching to get PT users to buy them. A lot of products make sure that they are PT compatible, whether it's plugin software, a control surface, an educational book, and/or everything in-between.

    I still own my copy of Mixcraft, which is like the poor-mans Logic, with tons of great samples, loops, included plug-ins and other assorted goodies that help in the creative process, all for less that $175 for the pro version. I also own Reaper, which will do certain things other DAWs can't (yet) has a great community that is very helpful too. It also doesn't hurt that it's less than $100.. so there's that.. and the fact that the licencing for both these DAWs can be used without an I-lok, and can be used on a number of machines.
    Thing is, when I go back to them now, it just seems like there's 'something missing" yea, Pro Tools is going to remain my primary DAW now that I have gotten used to it...