Craig! Love it! The choruses have a real energy and lift to them. Love what you've done with the breakdown and outro -really nice!

    The verses, as before, great - but more in the vibe, in the groove of the song. It's really nice. Brings a real maturity to the lyrics, which I think helps them a lot.

    My only feedback at this point, would be... if you want to, goes nuts with it!

    For example, I played with different variations on the outro - just repeating the chorus or just singing the outro parts etc.

    I think we've got a really solid take with that one. It might be cool at the mixing stage to have some vocal variations, scat, improv, whatever - bits you'd like add etc. Wherever your gut takes you.

    Anders, what do you think?

    Really, really solid job Craig - well impressed. And you nailed everyone of the points I brought up and they were all pretty subtle so.... really, very very nice job!