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    Steve, thank you for the link. I don’t see how an extra DA -> AD conversion would help the quality, but hey, if it works for them who am I to argue. If summing isn’t controversial enough you might as well add clocking into the mix! 😉

    The $10,000 chain the Summing Station uses, makes sense to me. If the 1 minute try-out makes a difference, I’d be happy to pay 2% of that amount for a whole album. Like I said in my previous posts, analog summing is just 1 technique in a whole list of things you can do to get a more analog sound. Also after the tests we did with plug-ins, it indicates that it's not something that can be easily replicated ITB.
    The April issue of Sound on Sound has an interesting test of the new Dangerous Music 2-Bus+. It says: “The debate over the potential benefits of analogue summing still rages, but the number of different summing boxes on the market shows that there’s plenty of interest in it [for the last 15 years]”. The 2-Bus + also shows how you can build on the concept of analog summing by adding (parallel) processing to the mix.

    Warren was also interested in the Black Box HG-2 Bob Horn uses on his 2-buss. The overlap with Mastering is becoming apparent, but as the industry is moving towards that anyway, it starts to make sense to look into the possibilities.