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face (chris) Janton

    OK - don't know anything about WSG. I would guess that the plugins on the M32 would serve the purpose. The M32R (not Live, earlier version) certainly looks better than the X32 😉  but I don't expect that there is any significant difference in the sound. Aesthetics are important. If the panel layout and such is what works then great. I have certainly stood over an X32 and an M32 and have a preference 😉 the M32 is much nicer.

    Its all pretty much the same software. I suspect that people can't tell the difference between an M32 and an X32 once the audio is mixed-down to 2-track...

    I would happily trade mixing live on a Mackie board for an M32 of any variety 😉 along with the digital control that is afforded by the M series