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William Waller

    Nice woodwork!  I like your treatments (absorption/ diffusion).  You sound track is nicely done.

    You like  building stuff?  There is a guy in Denmark that rebuilds original C12 capsules from vintage 60’s Telefunken ELA M 251 microphones.  You can get a Telefunken TF51 for around $1800 and one of those capsules will fit in the mount perfectly.  Add a NOS telefunken tube ( the transformer is the same) and voila... for under $3k you can have a Telefunken ELA M 251 that sounds BETTER than the new ones.  My repair tech guy was blown away and it’s my go to mike.  Even over the AKG C12 and the U47!  Worth the money for a super high end vocal mic.  I run through a mid 50’s Telefunken V76N tube prep amp.....simply the bomb.

    Nice having that sweet studio in your home!  Well done.