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Steve A

    First off, thanks for your insight and take on things, Warren. Very interesting.
    OK, I knew I wouldn't be able to replicate exactly what the transformers in the BURL were doing, or the rest of the gear that they use for that matter, but it sure was fun trying. When they state that they don't touch the EQ's settings, I find that hard to believe, but anyway...
    Here's the file, and I hope you enjoyed this fun little experiment as well:

    Oops.. Forgot to list what I used.
    Slate VMB on the RC Tube console setting, and UAD Fairchild (barely) for 2nd order harmonics.
    Slate VTM for the 3rd order harmonics.
    Slate Revival thickness set at 3.5, and Waves REQ to put back what the analog plugs pulled out.

    I think I got 'close' ...but would like to know if you thought so too.. 🙂