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Lee Campbell (aka whaleblueprs)

    That's really good to hear! I put them on the back burner because I was thinking of getting Sonarworks first and sorting some things out before I buy new monitors. That would allow me to get a good pair of matched mics and a good outboard compressor for my next batch of songs I want to get going. I only use monitors for playback at this point. I'm hoping there will be people on here who are better mixers than I am.

    I chatted with Warren and he was excited that I offered to upload 12 of my songs for Members Uploads. I'll have 10 songs sent to Eric G by tomorrow night if all goes well. The last song is in 2 parts because it's a prog pieced clocking in at over 13 minutes. I thought with that in mind, I'd better concentrate more on good tracking to make others lives easier on the mix end of things.

    Unless something changes, I'll plan for these a bit down the road. Thank you for your input!!