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Nicholas Jackson

    Thanks so much for taking the time Derek. As you can hear this is kind of 50s 60s bebop style and I think from that leads the mellow alto sound, she's experimented with many mouthpieces, this is what she prefers (she was delighted to see your comments). At the time we used a U87 though GAP Pre-73 and a GAP compressor going in, but since we've a bought Warm Audio WA73 preamp and a WA-2A opto compressor. The sound is more transparent but still er.. warm! We have nothing to post yet, only test recordings to CD backing tracks.

    You're so right, this type of jazz, very little compression, but my big problem was finding a modern reference track to check my mix, hardly anyone does this stuff now, and the originals, although great, tend to have the audio spectrum around the middle, with little bottom end. If you can think of anyone who does well mastered jazz in this style please me know, I'll buy a CD!!