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Nicholas Jackson

    Hey Derek had a proper listen in my studio. I'd love to see the band live I'd really enjoy it. Love the double-time bit at the end. I listened to the Mix14 master AIFF (I actually downloaded it to make it easier, the browser didn't want to play it). I can't comment too much more than (was it Paul?) as I'm learning myself, but I guess I might have been a bit more active on the solos to put them forward but all the instruments are nice and clear lear and you can hear what they're doing. I appreciate your problem with all recording separately, I guess there's been a lot of that in lockdown!

    Here's a link to the session we did in Jan, my first ever engineering job (the track Wendy isn't mine though, that was recorded years ago). It was all recorded in three hours, live, but my wife redid some sax later. We had the rhythm section in the studio and my wife in the living room with a mic and headphones feed, and a computer monitor each way using Zoom so they could see each-other for visual cues (but of course with a delay... tricky). I've used very little compression (to keep it authentic) and there were only three mics on the kit, a kick-in using a felt beater and two overheads. My studio isn't tall enough to get the O/Hs away from the kit though. The bass was a nightmare, its an upright and used a small amp which I DId, but next time I'd prefer DI straight from the pickup with a mic on the body end of the neck. Live & learn. I love the guy's playing though. Next time I'll also use Warrens 'duplicate bass tracks to split top/bottom to SUM' trick.

    The song at the top is not from that session, but my first stab at writing my own material (its pop not jazz), I think I could mix it better now but I've moved on to my next song. Its me on all guitars, bass and vocals my wife on all the brass and the same live drummer as on the jazz session. I introduced some Logic kik and snare samples to reinforce the live stuff. I did a little video too, don't know if you live in the UK but it carries a little visual topical reference to lockdown!

    Thanks so much again Derek.

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