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Nicholas Jackson

    Hi Derek, at last someone else who 'does' brass!

    Excellent tips. I agree recording section at a time far better. I have a couple of problems there. Although my project studio is 7m x 4m its only 2m high I think that will cause terrible standing waves with say, a trombone. However, we're considering using our living room as a 'studio extension' which would mean me cabling through and perhaps buying a rack with preamps, not impossible. The other problem was getting musicians here because of lockdown, however as no-one has gigs right now, we might try again!

    Great EQ tips, I kind of knew I didn't want frequency stacking but as you say, you don't want to demolish the sound of the instruments. I wondered whether to EQ soloists differently from a section (or when the instrument is in the section).

    Samples: well, you can make big improvements with diligent articulation but I agree, the real thing is just better. It's the warmth and dynamics form a real section that can't be beat.

    And I hadn't thought of parallel processing but I've done it elsewhere. Good tip. I must check out your work if you've sent links! Thanks very much for the reply.

    Final question, do you do jazz? (sorry if jazz is a no-go zone...).