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Mikkel Junker

    Hi Paul.

    I'm with Guido and Iain - Vocal and Horns a bit to high.

    Doning a lot of mixing for an old school soulband (my own) I really find hornsections to be tricky. The require a great deal of automation - or - coming to think of it - maybe just sidechained compression. They tug in beautifully in one section, but in the next they are way to loud. Horns are really dynamic instruments and needs to be kept in place or they will pop out of the mix.
    They sound good, though.

    Is there any change the drummer could record again, hitting way harder on his drums? I think that's the main issue - if not - then that's what it is.

    Again - I think you have done a very good job - especially bearing in mind, the material you had.

    AND: This is a Corona greeting youtube thing - it was not meant to be a studio recording - and it is really authentic. So let it be authentic 🙂

    Good job...