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(Knot Hardly) Jay

    have to throw this out there... my lolas which are around 2 yrs old now started blistering on the pads (pleather and NOT leather) so i wrote Blue about it.  they got back with me and said they were still under warranty but they are discontinued.  so to remedy they are sending me a new set of Blue Mix-Fi headphones with the built in amp.  and since they could not actually replace my originals they are also sending me a Yeti Nano USB mic for my troubles.  i should also add... they wanted me to verify and asked if i would get a permanent marker and write the warranty number they sent me on the 'defective' headphones and to send them a pic along with my actual snail mail addy for shipment purposes.  i wrote them back and told them i would and would they please send along their's so i could send the lolas back.  they immediately wrote back and told me i did not have to send the defective set back... just send them a pic of the marked set so i get to keep the lolas (they still work fine) on top of the new cans and mic.  WOW!  now THAT is customer service... so if anyone is thinking about buying anything from Blue i can say from experience that they have the best customer care i have seen of any company.  most companies would require you to send in the defective product just so you don't get it and they would throw them in the trash and write them off.  i am stoked and just had to tell the little story of my recent experience with Blue as a company... especially since i saw today that Warren's lolas (i think they are) are broken... he might want to contact Blue and see what they can do for him 😛  cheers all




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    • This reply was modified 3 years ago by (Knot Hardly) Jay.