Todd Mitchell

    Hey Akhilesh, nice work here!

    I opted for a bit more lush on the guitars, particularly in the opening (since the opening tracks are actually separate from the verse, this is something easy to try).  The brighter EQ on the vocals in the verse really makes them jump out - perhaps too far.  In your chorus, they sit better because the guitars are quite bright.

    Generally though I'm noticing the left side of your mix feels louder and more present in the EQ (largely because of the guitars).

    In the second verse intro/second verse, the additional percussion elements are almost imperceptible - which is fine, but also a bit of a shame since before the vocals in the second verse haven't started, there's not much ear candy for the listener that's new.

    That's really all I've got for you.  Great job and best of luck in the contest!