Hi Christopher, the screen shows my high-hat equalization, the high-hat mix has a level of -17 dB, and I also gave compression and reverb to it. I added reverb because I didn't like the result, and adding a hi-hat reverb was the way I wanted it.

    I try to minimally use equalizers, only in forced measures, so for example I applied equalization on the drums, a little where to lift and where to cut, guitars and bass are mostly naked, without any treatments, only where I added an artistic component, a little delay and compression. On two tracks of guitar for artistic processing, pseudo 3D wanted to do, here is there automated work EQ gave, but did not process more. There are no equalizers on all the main vocal tracks. There is an equalization only on those three tracks that I added myself, i.e. it is purely my personal artistic component, a low growl and the final repetition (delay)of the last word, as in the growl, only for the delay to go deeper.

    The entire volume level is adjusted by the faders of each track.

    Yes, I almost forgot, I adjust the mix balance when I include the entire mix in mono.