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    Jared, I’ve just uploaded a new file called Analog Summing Level 44. As you’ve probably guessed this file is level-matched and converted to 44.1 kHz. Mind you that my ITB mix was at 44.1 kHz and I choose the option that was given to me by The Summing Station to sum at 96 kHz. That “advantage” is included in the service.

    I’m working in Logic so I’m not familiar with HEAT, but I do use various saturation plug-ins on my tracks including Slate Virtual Console. I used to have Slate VCC on all my busses and Mixbus, but I felt they were too heavy handed and served me better on selected tracks. I have yet to try Brainwork bx_console, but priced at $299 I’m afraid to demo it. 😉

    Feel free to download my Digital Summing wave-file, strap Avid HEAT on your mixbus and create a new version of my mix. I’m looking forward to your findings.