Todd Mitchell

    @Mangus! Nice remix here!  It's great when someone actually produces their own vision for a song.  Great sound stage and really enjoy the ambiance choices you made.

    I do have a few suggestions to consider:

    - the rhythm guitars that open the track - once the rest of the instruments come in, these could use an EQ tweak, they start to contribute a lot to low-mid build up and because they aren't bright, they need too much volume to be audible.  More presence and cutting around 500-700 Hz (dynamic EQ would be a great way to do this) might give them that audibility without the build up.

    - vocals sound great and present throughout.  A bit thick, but that might be because of the build up I was referring to.

    - I can't say I love how the snare sits.  Especially as the kick drum has no point/bite.  With my sub off, the kick is basically gone.  It seems it was particularly deliberate what you chose for the snare, but to me it sounds more like a marching drum and doesn't appear to have any body at ~100 Hz. The drums then end up with no cohesion for me.

    Again though, I really like a lot of the creative decisions you made here!  Best of luck in the contest and I hope my suggestions are helpful!