Todd Mitchell

    @Patrik Larsson nice work.

    I do have a few notes.

    - I think most importantly, you could really take the drums up a notch.  They really are a bit anemic (except the snare isn't bad).  In particular, the toms need some love.

    - Generally the mix is blooming in the low-mids and the song is not holding up largely because there's not enough energy.  Some real judicious use of EQ could do wonders.  My first thought is that your bass guitar and rhythm guitars are probably the biggest offenders.  You might also brighten up the vocals considerably and then - because they'll be perceived much louder - you can dial back.  Also dial that low harmony back and cut away everything below maybe 200 Hz on that track?

    -Your EQ balance is probably best during the lead, but still thick.

    - I think you could automate the instruments a bit more too and allow for some more ear candy to mix things up for the listener?

    The best advice I could give is to reference this side by side with what you want this to sound like (not necessarily the original version or what anyone else has done - but how you would like it to sound!).  You could reference this against something off Back in Black or Pink Floyd or Genesis or Maroon 5...whatever you are into.  No matter what, I think you'll quickly hear where the differences are in the overall EQ and you'll be able to make some really powerful improvements.

    Hope that helps and best of luck!

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